Website Maintenance


A website that never changes or never keeps up with change is no good. Letting your website get out of date or contain errors causes disgruntled users, and as a result, its effectiveness online is undermined. With any site there are always changes that need to happen. It might be the textual content needs updating, or a graphic change, or remove a product. Perhaps terms, links or address details need updating. The list goes on.

Furthermore, you might need a developer to make even a small change, or perhaps it uses some obscure CMS (content management system) or a hard to use CMS, meaning you can never remember how to do things.

This is why we offer our website maintenance service, because you need a web department without the overheads. No CMS is too hard, or if there is no CMS present (then you probably should talk to us about that) then still no problem. Have a common port of call that your product, service or account managers can get to with updates, letting them continue on with what they are meant to do.

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